What We Do

At Rise Up Society (RUS), our mission is to extend a helping hand to communities in need, fostering sustainable development and well-being. Through a diverse range of initiatives, we address various aspects of life, ensuring that individuals and families can thrive in dignity and resilience. Here's an overview of our impactful programs:

Water Wells for Clean Living

·        Objective: To provide access to clean water in villages without running water.

·        Implementation: Sink water wells with comprehensive material and labor coverage.


Shelter and Home Solutions

1.     Building Houses:

·        Purpose: Create secure, stable living environments.

·        Coverage: Material and labor costs included.

2.     House Repairs:

·        Purpose: Renovate and restore homes.

·        Coverage: Material and labor costs included.

3.     Cement Floors:

·        Purpose: Combat jiggers and enhance hygiene.

·        Coverage: Material and labor costs included.


Essential Living Support


1.     Bedding, Furniture, and Household Items:

      Inclusions: Mattress, frame, blankets, sheets, furniture, and household essentials.

2.     Clothing and Basic Necessities:

     Coverage: Clothes, undergarments, shoes, and toys for children.

3.     Groceries and Hygiene:

      Inclusions: Basic groceries and hygiene products.

4.     Baby Formula Assistance:

      Target Group: Infants struggling with breast milk refusal or malnourishment.

     Purpose: Enhance health and well-being.

5.     Nannies for Vulnerable Individuals:

      Scope: Monthly salary and a food basket for nannies caring for neglected children and the elderly.

6.     Rent Support for Widows:

      Objective: Alleviate financial burdens for widows facing hardship.


Health and Wellness Initiatives

1.     Medical Expenses:

      Coverage: Doctor's visits, hospital stays, surgeries, treatments, medications, tests, and specialized care.

2.     Medical Equipment Provision:

      Includes: Wheelchairs, walkers, and crutches for those with disabilities.

3.     Rehab Sponsorship:

      Target Group: Individuals combating substance abuse and addiction.

4.     Funeral Expenses:

      Purpose: Assist families unable to afford funeral costs.

Educational Support

1.     School Uniforms and Supplies:

      Inclusions: Uniforms, sweaters, socks, shoes, backpacks, books, pencils, and crayons.

2.     Tuition and Exam Fee Coverage:

      Scope: Students unable to pay fees.

3.     Transportation for Students:

        Initiative: Provide motorcycles for children facing long distances to school.

Empowering Livelihoods

1.     Business Start-up Capital:

      Objective: Foster self-sufficiency by supporting entrepreneurship.

2.     Farming Tools and Resources:

      Inclusions: Tools and resources for agricultural initiatives.

3.     Office Operations and Logistics:

      Coverage: Rent, utilities, stationery, office supplies, and employee salaries.

4.     Vehicle Maintenance:

      Scope: Cover fuel, maintenance, and repair costs for our operational vehicle.


Outreach and Community Services

Medical Mobile Clinics:

·        Initiative: Conduct free medical clinics in remote villages with necessary referrals.

Team Travel Expenses:

·        Coverage: Hotel accommodation and meals for distant county missions.


Supporting Talent and Cultural Activities

Youth Talent Support:

·        Focus: Games, sports (football and volleyball), and choral music during celebrations.

Cover the cost of clearing boxes

when they are received at customs. When boxes are received from donors, RUS is required to pay 25% of the value of the items inside the box. These customs clearance fees can be very expensive because when donors write the total value of the things that are inside the box, we sometimes end up paying hundreds of dollars in customs fees. Unfortunately, donors often do not reimburse these fees, so we have to bear the total cost. Hence, we appeal to donors who send us boxes to help us by either writing a very minimal value for the items inside the box so that we do not pay much or by reimbursing us for the amount spent in customs fees. 

At RUS, we believe in creating lasting change. Join us in making a difference and transforming lives. Together, we build a future of hope and resilience.